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Bill Clinton Doll

Bill Clinton Doll
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President Clinton Talking Action Collectable Doll.  Despite what they may think of him personally, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of the liberal, moderate and conservative persuasions have to admit that Bill Clinton was and is the ultimate politician. Cool, calm and seemingly always in control, he manages to evade the truth, manipulate opinion, doctor and reinvent the English language and charm his way out of almost any predicament, while successfully blaming the other guy when he fails and taking the credit when others succeed.

For eight years America was under the thrall of Clinton and his second-in-command, his wife, Hilary. Deemed both saint and sinner, satan and saint, Bill Clinton successfully manipulated and maneuvered his way to the highest office in the nation, the Presidency of the United States. All the while he left scandal after scandal behind him.

Regardless of your opinion of "Slick Willy", as he has been dubbed by many, it cannot be denied that he was one of the most influential political figures to run the nation that the United States and world have ever known. Personal opinion aside, you need only listen to his own words (provided by Talking Presidents) to convince you of his guilt or innocence. You decide.

The William Jefferson Clinton Talking Action Collectable is a perfect 12 inch duplicate of the former president, right down to his trademark politician smile and studied demeanor. The articulated figure comes dressed in a suit with a white shirt, blue striped tie and wing tip shoes. The attractive red, white and blue open front box the figure comes in also has a full biography of Clinton on its back. Push his button and listen to some of his more famous quotes. The nice thing about the Clinton action figure is if you don't want to listen to him, don't push his button.

Bill Clinton Talking Doll Sayings Include: Click to hear what Elvis has to say!

"... I have to give up being the funny one in my family."

"I did not have sexual relations ..."

"It depends on what the meaning of the word is, is."

"... the first man put at the helm ..."

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